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Our Services

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Our Services

Newborn Care Support

At NaniNewbornCare, we provide comprehensive newborn care support services for new parents. We offer overnight, daytime, and 24/7 support to help build parent confidence in establishing a nurturing and safe environment for your newborn to thrive and develop in.

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Lactation Support

We provide lactation support to help new mothers establish breastfeeding and overcome any difficulties that may arise. Our NCS will provided the neccsary resources to ensure you  are connected with IBLCLC's, who are highly trained and experienced to provide personalized care and support to meet your individual needs.

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Infant Massage

Our NCS offers guidance on  infant massage techniques to help promote bonding between parents and their newborns, while also providing numerous physical and emotional benefits for your baby. Our Newborn Care specialist uses gentle and safe techniques to ensure your baby's comfort and relaxation.


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Baby Sign Language

Our NCS offers to teach important sign language gestures, to help parents communicate with their infants before they are able to speak. This early communication can enhance parent-child bonding and support language development.

Nursery Preparation and Organization

We assist new parents with nursery preparation and organization, ensuring that your baby's environment is safe, comfortable, and stimulating. Our NCS provide guidance on selecting the right equipment and supplies, and help with setting up the nursery to meet your individual needs.

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24/7 Luxury Support

Our 24/7  support is the most luxurious experience for our clients to ensure that you have access to immediate assistance when you need it. Our newborn care specialist will live on site and provided 18-20 hours of support.

. Nursery preparations and organization is FREE!

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